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Acceptance of terms. The use of this site implies the acceptance of all the terms and conditions mentioned in this site. It also includes acceptance of the privacy policies set forth on this site. CB4U policies, makes your consent according to the FEDERAL LAW ON THE PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA IN POSSESSION OF THE INDIVIDUALS that all personal data handled by its users are used in order to provide better service, full communication and a differentiated experience of care and use. The data collected is used to provide you with a better service. They will not be sold to third parties for any reason. You have a right to the use of your personal data. If you wish to limit or modify the use of your information please do so through our contact form with the following information: Owner information and request. In case of transfer of data additional to those required for the operation of the company and to extend better customer service, the owner will be notified of the form, amount and detail of the data required. We reserve the right to change, modify or supplement this notice, at any time. In this case, the modification will be made known to him through any of the means established by the legislation.

Intellectual property and copyright. All content on this site is copyrighted on the site itself. The intellectual property and copyrights complementary and alien to the site have licenses and rights of use. By using this site and participating in the elaboration of information, data or content of the site, the user accepts a non-exclusive assignment of copyright of the content provided. Thus, the site will use such content to enrich the experience of more users. No user may upload, paste or add information to the site without explicit permission to use it from the corresponding owner. The site is not responsible for any information added illegally by third parties. This responsibility falls solely on the author of such action. If you wish to report an infringement of intellectual property please contact the site administrator to take appropriate action.

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Conduct. Any person who engages in suspicious, harmful and willful conduct will be reported to the authorities for legal proceedings in accordance with applicable law. The unlawful collection of data or information on this site or any of its users is prohibited. The reproduction of any information or content of this site is strictly prohibited without the appropriate permissions and adequate bibliographies. Access to information or material without prior consent from the site will be considered theft of intellectual property and/or personal data. Such action is prosecuted under applicable law.

Dispute Resolution. Dispute resolution will take place strictly under the jurisdiction of the state. Miscellaneous.

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